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27 June 2013

Gothica Masque is back :-)

Finally i made peace with my second life in my night-dreams.
2 days without my nightmares, almost a record ;-)

So, i feel fine. :-)
I'm working on different projects (custom orders + personal projects), so i'm busy-busy.
About my personal projects: I decided to create a mini collection for "Stitch & Destroy" during this month, so i've prepared the patterns.

Then i finally started to draw for the next Gothica Masque show ("tribute to Venezia"). All the costumes are already in my mind (...i'm thinking about this new edition since 2012...), i just have to write the story.
I'm actually thinking something about Casanova, but we'll see...

Finally i'm moving back to create historical costumes (it's since 2012 that i'm just creating clothes) and i'm looking forward to it :-)
And the masks...grrrr! I can't wait! :-D

(Model: Kjersti)

24 June 2013

...i don't want to sleep tonight.

Today, what a day!
I can't enjoy life today. All the wonderful news don't find the way to touch my heart. I have to wait because my nightmares are living in me even when i'm awake. All the day long! is my last creation. It looks much nicer in hight resolution (it really looks like a painting!), but the low resolution looks like a cheap photomanipulation...i don't care. The idea is there.

This is how i feel.

GB wrote that "when i was i child i had many dreams with creepy dolls..." but actually i meant that i have them since then ... every single night...still now. ...
And is not much about the dolls that create my anxiety but more other stuff that are in that place that raise my heartache.
Not much to explain with words...just feelings. They are always there.
So: i don't want to sleep tonight.

...Or maybe i should? ...

20 May 2013

See me, Feel me, Touch maybe you'll Heal me.

I feel so proud i could finish the first "Stitch & destroy" corset today :-)
I've a lot to do in the last period and still i could manage to find some time for MAD.
It's missing some detail that i'll add to other pieces of "Stitch & Destroy" line, but i'm happy with it anyway.

This corset has a wonderful surface, which is very difficoult to show on the picture because it has to be touched. It's completely handmade, so this corset is one of a kind.

I've created 2 outfits that include the same top. Both of them are called "Decay" and i'm looking forward to take the photos with them.

They are dedicated to my feelings about the actual (decadent) society and how i feel in it.
In the same time they figure the decay of the body, which is symbolized as flesh with fabric scraps that fall down and pieces of gauze.

The 2 outfits shows 2 different types of decay: sweet and bitter.
"Sweet decay" is figure it as playtime that is just a part of the past (more we get older, less we are able to play and enjoy the simple things of life).
"Bitter decay" is more about what life teach us to learn by suffering and then leave us with this bitter feeling about bad experiences that we can't never remove from our memory (this is more connected to youth and growing up).

I'm planning to shoot with these outfits in summer (but in the meantime i'll surely show on facebook some shoot from other photographers that already are interested to use them for their works)

09 May 2013

OOOHH, sCRAP ! :-)

Finally i've found some time to get rid of some scrap of fabric.
You have to know that my place is FULL of fabric of any kind...and not just normal meters, but A LOT of little tiny scraps that i can't never throw away.
I've a kind of addiction to fabric since i was a child...please, HELP ME!
Lace that i've got from my great-grandmother, lace from old clothes....lace everywhere! (I love lace: i even create my own when i have time!). I really think i can't live without lace!

So, during the last days i collected some scraps and i began to sew.

I think that if i'm going to continue this way i can sew for about one year without to buy anything!

And it's actually a good thing, because i really need to get rid of as much i can and create new space.
So, while i'm cleaning up, i've also started with "Stitch & Destroy" line.
Right now i'm working on the first corset, and i hope it will be done before Juny.
And finally you will see what i'm talking about since weeks... :-)

24 April 2013

We're all MAD here! (collaborations with other artists)

MAD's website doesn't only contain photos created by me: fortunally i have the opertunity to collaborate with very talented phtographers and i'm so happy for it!

Today i'm proud to announce that a new photo taken by the beautiful Daria Endresen has been published on MAD after a collaboration we had some months ago with a skirt made for a ball.

I feel so glad when great artists feel inspired by my creations and want to use them for their works!

I get a lot of "fashion-photos", but it's not what i want to display.
MAD was created to give an original, surreal touch to my photos and so it have to be used.

Costume? Yes!
Fashion? Well: if costume is meant to show a specific epoque...Yes! Why not?
But, please, NOT TREND!

MAD is moods, feelings and concepts...and the photo created by Daria (incorporating even just a skirt in the shadow) is the essence of MAD: this is what i'm excited to show!

So, thank you again Daria Endresen for sharing your talent, and thanks to all the other wonderful photographers that shows new and subjective way to interpretate MAD.

23 April 2013

Pandora's box + Stitch & Destroy

Still here, working on the first garment for "Stitch & Destroy" line.
Not only corsets, not really...this time i want to start with a jacket.
The same jacket i'm trying to create since 3 weeks now and still is at the beginning :-/
I had to work on different stuff during the last month, so i'm a little stock with MAD at the moment, but it will be done soon. I promise!
This jacket is a crossing line between "Stitch & Destroy" and "Pandora's box". I had "Pandora's box" project in mind since 1st April, and this jacket is going through a lot of changes.
The first idea was this one (in gray jeans):
Then i decided to use red polyester instead:

And now i started the jacket sewed in a completely different way with other materials  (i'll post photos when the jacket will look like a jacket! ^__^).
So i'll use this red fabric for the dress, i think. And the first idea will be create as well, but not right now and not for this project.

But what it is "Pandora's Box" project? It's a new photo-project i have in mind since one month now (i wish i can create my photos right when i think about them, but when other works come in the way i have just 10% of the time to work on my own photos - if i have time at all!).
I had 2 months very stressfull for personal reasons and i had to go through A LOT practically completely alone. I had no time to think, no time to cry, no time to be angry: all went so fast!
So, finally my life became more quiet circa 3 weeks ago, and all the suppressed feelings came out once i went to my doctor.
I had 1 week of madness, where i couldn't keep under control my thoughts or my feelings.
Like demons coming out from my heart!
This situation remind me of the greek mythologic story of Pandora, and i wanted to picture it.

I'm working on the clothes (at least i try! He!He!) and i have the perfect picture in mind. I found a model for it and i'll shoot as soon the clothes will be done.

Stitch & Destroy is a coming-back to the origins of MAD style, but it will bring the original style to another level!

Simple collars like these
will be more detailed, and clothes like these:
will be the most MAD ever!

Plus there will be jackets and skirts...maybe also dresses!

I'm really looking forward to show this new line. I'll try to be faster working on it...i hope you won't loose your patience waiting for it!

12 April 2013

Stitch & Destroy

I've finally found the right imput to start my new MAD-line "Stitch & Destroy"!
(oh, my...when the title came in my mind the memory went back to my first listening of "Kill 'em all" by Metallica!...Cool! ^__^)

The exciting part of "Stitch & Destroy" is that it will be the only clothing-line that will connect MAD to Enchanted.
(The reason why i keep them separated is because they have nothing to do with each other, and they have to stay like that).

But there's a link, anyway: something that divide and connect these two projects at the same time.
But what?
MAD is all about my subconscious coming out: chaotic, impulsive, melancholic, surreal ...with a dark-vintage style; Enchanted is more concentrated about my principles to respect environment and animals: peacefull, full of colors and joy...with a faerie style.

How can i create something that can show both my personality at the same time?

What can be so SAD but give so much JOY at the same time?

What can mix feelings so good that people will not understand if they like it or if they feel disturbed by it?

I finally found out: recycling "enchanted" materials with a "mad" touch! :-D

And what will be the MAD touch? ....
Only the wise and patients people will find it out .... and the smartest will read between the lines ;-)

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