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27 June 2013

Gothica Masque is back :-)

Finally i made peace with my second life in my night-dreams.
2 days without my nightmares, almost a record ;-)

So, i feel fine. :-)
I'm working on different projects (custom orders + personal projects), so i'm busy-busy.
About my personal projects: I decided to create a mini collection for "Stitch & Destroy" during this month, so i've prepared the patterns.

Then i finally started to draw for the next Gothica Masque show ("tribute to Venezia"). All the costumes are already in my mind (...i'm thinking about this new edition since 2012...), i just have to write the story.
I'm actually thinking something about Casanova, but we'll see...

Finally i'm moving back to create historical costumes (it's since 2012 that i'm just creating clothes) and i'm looking forward to it :-)
And the masks...grrrr! I can't wait! :-D

(Model: Kjersti)

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