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12 April 2013

Stitch & Destroy

I've finally found the right imput to start my new MAD-line "Stitch & Destroy"!
(oh, my...when the title came in my mind the memory went back to my first listening of "Kill 'em all" by Metallica!...Cool! ^__^)

The exciting part of "Stitch & Destroy" is that it will be the only clothing-line that will connect MAD to Enchanted.
(The reason why i keep them separated is because they have nothing to do with each other, and they have to stay like that).

But there's a link, anyway: something that divide and connect these two projects at the same time.
But what?
MAD is all about my subconscious coming out: chaotic, impulsive, melancholic, surreal ...with a dark-vintage style; Enchanted is more concentrated about my principles to respect environment and animals: peacefull, full of colors and joy...with a faerie style.

How can i create something that can show both my personality at the same time?

What can be so SAD but give so much JOY at the same time?

What can mix feelings so good that people will not understand if they like it or if they feel disturbed by it?

I finally found out: recycling "enchanted" materials with a "mad" touch! :-D

And what will be the MAD touch? ....
Only the wise and patients people will find it out .... and the smartest will read between the lines ;-)

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