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20 January 2011

I'm an ARToholic !

I've passed almost all the day on my old Art historical book (the books i've used in the Art school years ago)...
ooohhhh... WONDERFUL!
I love Art, it makes me feel like i fly! ...a kind of drunk status....That's why i consider myself a real "ARToholic"!

19 January 2011

The mandrake-doll

I'm watching one of my old dolls and i don't understand why they have such a long legs...they twist to themself and goes everywhere...
Expecially one of the looks as a mandrake! Ha!Ha!Ha!

No, wait! Actually i can use this as a new idea: a "screaming Mandrake female"! As the plant...Yes! I've to make it definitely! :-D
Here a sketch of it!

A lot of twisted brown fabric around the body...a "woman root"....a kind of modern "Scream" by Edvard Munch ;-)
I'll write it down as one of my next project for MAD circus puppets shows! ;-)

- sorry for my bad english -