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23 April 2013

Pandora's box + Stitch & Destroy

Still here, working on the first garment for "Stitch & Destroy" line.
Not only corsets, not really...this time i want to start with a jacket.
The same jacket i'm trying to create since 3 weeks now and still is at the beginning :-/
I had to work on different stuff during the last month, so i'm a little stock with MAD at the moment, but it will be done soon. I promise!
This jacket is a crossing line between "Stitch & Destroy" and "Pandora's box". I had "Pandora's box" project in mind since 1st April, and this jacket is going through a lot of changes.
The first idea was this one (in gray jeans):
Then i decided to use red polyester instead:

And now i started the jacket sewed in a completely different way with other materials  (i'll post photos when the jacket will look like a jacket! ^__^).
So i'll use this red fabric for the dress, i think. And the first idea will be create as well, but not right now and not for this project.

But what it is "Pandora's Box" project? It's a new photo-project i have in mind since one month now (i wish i can create my photos right when i think about them, but when other works come in the way i have just 10% of the time to work on my own photos - if i have time at all!).
I had 2 months very stressfull for personal reasons and i had to go through A LOT practically completely alone. I had no time to think, no time to cry, no time to be angry: all went so fast!
So, finally my life became more quiet circa 3 weeks ago, and all the suppressed feelings came out once i went to my doctor.
I had 1 week of madness, where i couldn't keep under control my thoughts or my feelings.
Like demons coming out from my heart!
This situation remind me of the greek mythologic story of Pandora, and i wanted to picture it.

I'm working on the clothes (at least i try! He!He!) and i have the perfect picture in mind. I found a model for it and i'll shoot as soon the clothes will be done.

Stitch & Destroy is a coming-back to the origins of MAD style, but it will bring the original style to another level!

Simple collars like these
will be more detailed, and clothes like these:
will be the most MAD ever!

Plus there will be jackets and skirts...maybe also dresses!

I'm really looking forward to show this new line. I'll try to be faster working on it...i hope you won't loose your patience waiting for it!

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