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20 May 2013

See me, Feel me, Touch maybe you'll Heal me.

I feel so proud i could finish the first "Stitch & destroy" corset today :-)
I've a lot to do in the last period and still i could manage to find some time for MAD.
It's missing some detail that i'll add to other pieces of "Stitch & Destroy" line, but i'm happy with it anyway.

This corset has a wonderful surface, which is very difficoult to show on the picture because it has to be touched. It's completely handmade, so this corset is one of a kind.

I've created 2 outfits that include the same top. Both of them are called "Decay" and i'm looking forward to take the photos with them.

They are dedicated to my feelings about the actual (decadent) society and how i feel in it.
In the same time they figure the decay of the body, which is symbolized as flesh with fabric scraps that fall down and pieces of gauze.

The 2 outfits shows 2 different types of decay: sweet and bitter.
"Sweet decay" is figure it as playtime that is just a part of the past (more we get older, less we are able to play and enjoy the simple things of life).
"Bitter decay" is more about what life teach us to learn by suffering and then leave us with this bitter feeling about bad experiences that we can't never remove from our memory (this is more connected to youth and growing up).

I'm planning to shoot with these outfits in summer (but in the meantime i'll surely show on facebook some shoot from other photographers that already are interested to use them for their works)

09 May 2013

OOOHH, sCRAP ! :-)

Finally i've found some time to get rid of some scrap of fabric.
You have to know that my place is FULL of fabric of any kind...and not just normal meters, but A LOT of little tiny scraps that i can't never throw away.
I've a kind of addiction to fabric since i was a child...please, HELP ME!
Lace that i've got from my great-grandmother, lace from old clothes....lace everywhere! (I love lace: i even create my own when i have time!). I really think i can't live without lace!

So, during the last days i collected some scraps and i began to sew.

I think that if i'm going to continue this way i can sew for about one year without to buy anything!

And it's actually a good thing, because i really need to get rid of as much i can and create new space.
So, while i'm cleaning up, i've also started with "Stitch & Destroy" line.
Right now i'm working on the first corset, and i hope it will be done before Juny.
And finally you will see what i'm talking about since weeks... :-)