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24 April 2013

We're all MAD here! (collaborations with other artists)

MAD's website doesn't only contain photos created by me: fortunally i have the opertunity to collaborate with very talented phtographers and i'm so happy for it!

Today i'm proud to announce that a new photo taken by the beautiful Daria Endresen has been published on MAD after a collaboration we had some months ago with a skirt made for a ball.

I feel so glad when great artists feel inspired by my creations and want to use them for their works!

I get a lot of "fashion-photos", but it's not what i want to display.
MAD was created to give an original, surreal touch to my photos and so it have to be used.

Costume? Yes!
Fashion? Well: if costume is meant to show a specific epoque...Yes! Why not?
But, please, NOT TREND!

MAD is moods, feelings and concepts...and the photo created by Daria (incorporating even just a skirt in the shadow) is the essence of MAD: this is what i'm excited to show!

So, thank you again Daria Endresen for sharing your talent, and thanks to all the other wonderful photographers that shows new and subjective way to interpretate MAD.

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