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09 May 2013

OOOHH, sCRAP ! :-)

Finally i've found some time to get rid of some scrap of fabric.
You have to know that my place is FULL of fabric of any kind...and not just normal meters, but A LOT of little tiny scraps that i can't never throw away.
I've a kind of addiction to fabric since i was a child...please, HELP ME!
Lace that i've got from my great-grandmother, lace from old clothes....lace everywhere! (I love lace: i even create my own when i have time!). I really think i can't live without lace!

So, during the last days i collected some scraps and i began to sew.

I think that if i'm going to continue this way i can sew for about one year without to buy anything!

And it's actually a good thing, because i really need to get rid of as much i can and create new space.
So, while i'm cleaning up, i've also started with "Stitch & Destroy" line.
Right now i'm working on the first corset, and i hope it will be done before Juny.
And finally you will see what i'm talking about since weeks... :-)

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