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24 June 2013

...i don't want to sleep tonight.

Today, what a day!
I can't enjoy life today. All the wonderful news don't find the way to touch my heart. I have to wait because my nightmares are living in me even when i'm awake. All the day long! is my last creation. It looks much nicer in hight resolution (it really looks like a painting!), but the low resolution looks like a cheap photomanipulation...i don't care. The idea is there.

This is how i feel.

GB wrote that "when i was i child i had many dreams with creepy dolls..." but actually i meant that i have them since then ... every single night...still now. ...
And is not much about the dolls that create my anxiety but more other stuff that are in that place that raise my heartache.
Not much to explain with words...just feelings. They are always there.
So: i don't want to sleep tonight.

...Or maybe i should? ...

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